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Congratulations Daz and Cassie

Well done to Cassie,  who with Daz’s help,  became a full SARDA Scotland search dog recently when the pair of them passed  their assessment. Congratulations to them both.

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Congratulations to Hamish

gem and hamish

Many congratulations to Search and Rescue Dog Association’s founder and President, Hamish MacInnes who has been honoured with a medal from the Princess Royal.  Hamish was presented with the Chancellor’s Medal from the University of the Highlands and Islands, in recognition of his services to mountain rescue over the past six decades.

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Aonach Mor October 2016

October Training took place at Aonach Mor. Many thanks to Nevis Range for allowing us to train there and allowing us to use their Gondola. We even had lovely weather!


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Meet the dogs – Chivas


We are sure that Chivas will not mind us telling everyone that he is one of our more senior search dogs at almost ten years old. He may be getting on in years now but he is still as fit a fiddle and has been a very active search dog since his first assessment, which he passed when he was nearly a year and a half.  His home team is Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team and as well as attending call outs with the team in the Borders region, Chivas has been involved with searches for  SARDA all over Scotland, in places as far apart as Dumfries, Glencoe, Skye, Torridon, Cairngorm, Aberdeenshire and Tayside in all kinds of conditions. Chivas has found four missing people during his search dog ‘career’ helping to bring closure to relatives and friends. chivas

Like all the other SARDA Scotland dogs, Chivas has an active life when he is not out looking for missing people.  His most recent adventure was assisting his handler in the navigation of their trusty Landrover to the most Northerly point of Europe and back, keeping his driver from having to make any U turns, which was quite an achievement as he seemed to spend most of his time asleep in the back of the vehicle.chivas1







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Congratulations Tony and Bryan

Congratulations to Tony and his dog Laggan, and Bryan with dog Storm, who passed their novice dog assessments at the September training weekend in Lochgoilhead. Well done to them all.

As if this wasn’t enough to be excited about, we had good weather for our annual barbecue and a good time was had by all. There was no rest for anyone  on Sunday though, and it was back to  training again.  ‘Puppy School’ was closed down for the time being, as our two youngest dogs are progressing well and beginning to cover larger areas.




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Well Done Izzy

A great big thank you from SARDA Scotland to 9 year old  Izzy Passmore who walked 9 miles from Muker to Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales on the 3rd September to raise funds for the search and rescue dogs.  Izzy planned the route herself and organised her own kit.  It rained the whole way but we are pleased to see that Izzy kept on smiling!  Well done to you Izzy and thank you again from the SARDA dogs and their handlers.

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Burns Pet Nutrition Dogs Day Out at Glamis 7th August 2016

We had a great day  at the ‘Dogs Day Out’ sponsored by Burns Pet Nutrition and held at Glamis Castle on 7th August 2016.  Lots of people came to meet us (well actually more likely to meet the dogs) and  told us interesting stories about themselves and their dogs, as well as generously donating to SARDA Scotland.  Thank you to all of them.


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Dogs Day Out


We will be at the Dogs Day Out at Glamis next Sunday. If you are there pop in and say hello!

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July Training Braemar

A successful training weekend in Braemar saw Allison and her dog Felix, and Steven and his dog Raasay pass their assessments to become full search dogs.  Dave and his dog Bob  also passed their assessment and gained novice dog status. Congratulations to them all.   Dave had barely been told the good news before the call-out coordinator was asking for his contact details for the call out list.



We will now all take a rest during August and get together again in September for our next training weekend.






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June Training Weekend Ballachulish

The training weekend was eventful before it even really started with SARDA Scotland search and rescue dog Mac and his handler Jonah locating a missing person on Skye on Friday. Well done to them both.


We arrived at Ballachulish to a welcoming committee of midges on Friday but thankfully a breeze kept them away for the rest of the weekend and as an added bonus, and despite threatening clouds overhead, the weather remained dry and warm.

We were very happy on Sunday morning to learn that  Meagaidh, pictured below with her handler Tom, has achieved novice dog status, and will now be added to the call-out list. Congratulations to them both! tom and Meagaidh

The young dogs continue to progress well and the two puppies in ‘Puppy School’ are growing very quickly!  The volunteers who help to train the young dogs get plenty of exercise trying to keep up with them,  as do their handlers. When the dogs begin to search larger areas, their handlers have to attempt to keep up with them!



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