SARDA Scotland needs your help

The specialist equipment and ongoing costs of training are expensive
– around £4,000 for one dog and handler.

SARDA Scotland is a registered Charity and depends on the generosity of the public for its funding. Any donation, however small, goes directly towards training or equipment. Donations should be sent to:

SARDA Scotland Treasurer, Lochview of Duntelchaig, Farr, Inverness, IV2 6AW

Registered Charity: SCO12240

Gift Aid:
As a registered charity, we can reclaim the tax paid on the money you give, making your support achieve much more – without it costing you another penny! At current rates, your donation of £10 enables us to reclaim £2.50 extra from tax you have already paid.

Complete this form, and sign it before posting it to us at the address above. It’s that easy!
Gift Aid form

Just Giving

To make a donation online, please visit