Meet The Dogs – Assynt



Assynt is a self -contained lady possessed of what the French called ‘Sang Froid’. She never makes a fuss and is always happy to see people and her SARDA dog friends. She just gets on with the job quietly and efficiently, until you bring out her squeaky donut toy that is!  She was born in 2006 and was up for assessment on her birthday weekend.   I hope that she got time to open her presents during the course.

She lives with her ‘Mum’ Fiona and her ‘Dad’ dog handler Innes with his search dog Sky and Inne’s other dog in training Glen.  Glen aka the monster is growing fast and has already outgrown the other two.

Assynt lives outside in her posh accommodation, but loves nothing more ( apart from maybe her squeaky donut)  than to sneak into the living room for a hug with Mum and a lie by the fire whilst ‘Dad’ is out.  Otherwise she sneaks off to see her neighbours Jock and Nipper the Patterdale Terriers next door,  to lie in front of their fire instead, and to get an extra walk with them!

Assynt has never been a big fan of travelling by car, but tolerates it if it leads to an interesting place.  She much prefers travelling by helicopter! During her time as a SARDA Scotland search dog, Assynt has located three missing people. Thankfully they were all alive and well.


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