Meet the dogs – Chivas


We are sure that Chivas will not mind us telling everyone that he is one of our more senior search dogs at almost ten years old. He may be getting on in years now but he is still as fit a fiddle and has been a very active search dog since his first assessment, which he passed when he was nearly a year and a half.  His home team is Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team and as well as attending call outs with the team in the Borders region, Chivas has been involved with searches for  SARDA all over Scotland, in places as far apart as Dumfries, Glencoe, Skye, Torridon, Cairngorm, Aberdeenshire and Tayside in all kinds of conditions. Chivas has found four missing people during his search dog ‘career’ helping to bring closure to relatives and friends. chivas

Like all the other SARDA Scotland dogs, Chivas has an active life when he is not out looking for missing people.  His most recent adventure was assisting his handler in the navigation of their trusty Landrover to the most Northerly point of Europe and back, keeping his driver from having to make any U turns, which was quite an achievement as he seemed to spend most of his time asleep in the back of the vehicle.chivas1







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