Training February 2016

torrin in snowThe second of our  winter  training weekends in the Cairngorms  took place on the 12th to 14th February. Conditions on Saturday were challenging, with strong winds taking  the wind chill down to minus nineteen degrees at times. ‘Bodies’ and handlers were finding themselves in snow up to their waists at times, but the dogs were much better at avoiding the holes!

On  Sunday, we managed to deliberately bury one of our volunteer ‘bodies’ in the snow, which gave all our dogs and handlers the chance to sharpen up on their avalanche skills. We would like to thank our volunteers for lying out in such conditions; it was hard to tell who was who as they had so many layers of clothing and headgear on!

With the annual assessment course looming large on the horizon, most of the training is geared to the seven dogs and handlers that are hoping to be accepted for assessment in March.





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