November Training Weekend 2015

An eventful November training weekend took place in Braemar, with snow on the hills and quite a bitter wind at times.

The Training Officer decided to take training to new heights on Sunday, when we all took to the woods to avoid the wind and rain, and volunteers were hidden in trees. It was interesting to watch the dogs working to find the scent in three dimensions!

Puppy School’ was wound up at the weekend, ¬†as all the young dogs in training to become novice search dogs are now searching fairly big areas. It is always a time of mixed emotions, as working with the puppies is so much fun – but it is at the same time very rewarding to see the dogs progress.



Clova – Now out of ‘puppy school’ and on the next stage of her journey to become a novice search dog.’

Congratulations go to Daz and Cassie, who were successful in gaining Novice Dog grade at the weekend. Well done to them both.

Daz and Cassie

Daz and Cassie




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