Another in our series where we meet the S.A.R.D.A Scotland dogs. This time it is Torin.



Torin is the gentle giant of the S.A.R.D.A dogs; a three year old cross Golden Retriever /German Shepherd who weighs in at an impressive   44  kilos and is affectionately known by other S.A.R.D.A handlers as ‘Donkey’.   The SARDA handlers and volunteers were interested to see what happened when this big lad was winched into the helicopter for the first time, but he was not fazed by the experience and even seemed to enjoy himself.  Luckily Torin is rather a ‘picky eater’ which is probably a blessing, as otherwise he would probably be more the size of a pony than a donkey.

Torin is very popular with the volunteer ‘bodies’ and usually gives them a huge lick up the side of the face,  (sometimes both sides) when he finds them during training searches on the hill. Despite his size,  he is quite a sight to see racing across the hills. He is very graceful for such a large dog and can cover ground quickly. His handler is finding that his fitness levels are improving greatly since Torin passed his assessment last year, and became a novice dog on the SARDA call out list. Fingers crossed that both handler and dog can pass their assessment again this year and gain full dog status.

This big fellow  loves to swim and he is also rather possessive with his own toys, and likes to take them from other dogs, which funnily enough he always manages to do without any difficulty!


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