Training Weekend 27th February – 1st March 2015 – Cairngorm

Last weekend’s training took place in Cairngorm. All the dogs performed well, and we have our fingers crossed for the dogs who are about to be put through their paces at the annual assessment course, which takes place in a few weeks. The young dogs have gradually built up to searching larger and larger areas over the past year or so, in preparation for the three day test.

Dogs who are going for novice  grade will also have to go through a ‘stock test’ first, to ensure that they are not distracted by livestock.

As the younger dogs searched their areas, other handlers set up an area for avalanche training.  Winter training tends to concentrate around this part of the country, in order that we can practice snow burials. Surprisingly, there are volunteers who are happy to be completely buried in snow for the dogs to find!


We often experience rather wild weather conditions when training here, but we were lucky to have fairly decent conditions in the morning on both days, although the afternoons were very cold and snowy. It is at such times that we feel for our equipment officer Tony.  Whilst we just take ourselves away home to dry out and warm up, Tony also takes several sets of wet volunteer ‘bodies’ hill equipment home to dry out too. He will be busy making sure that all equipment is up to standard and ready to be handed out at the course. Similarly, our Secretary Ken, and Training Officer Pete, will be very busy over the next two weeks, organising the course, which is the culmination of our training year.

Good Luck to everyone involved in the 2015 Annual Course. Let us hope that it is a successful one for everyone.

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