Another in our series where we profile S.A.R.D.A Scotland search and rescue dogs.  This time it is Jess.




My name is Jess and I am 4 years old.  I was born near Comrie in a bitterly cold week – minus 17 degrees I have been told. I did not notice the temperature though,  as I was snuggled up to the rest of my family under a heat lamp!  Anyway, after a while I became a bit bored just playing with my brothers and sisters, and that was when my new owners came to pick me up and take me home with them.  What an exciting evening!  I was just drifting off to sleep when I was whisked up and away to meet my new family. I was introduced to two other dogs; Jodie,  who was a mountain rescue search dog (although for some reason apparently she was called Gerbil  by the other handlers), and Magaidh, who was Jodie’s friend. We were just getting used to each other when we got a visit from another SARDA dog handler called Uncle Rod.  It seems that these humans in S.A.R.D.A hang out with each other all the time!  Uncle Rod really knows how to make dog play fun so I had a great time.

Jodie told me how great it was being a mountain rescuer and I fancied having a go myself.  After all, long walks and lots and lots of games can’t be bad! My new Dad took me to a place with lots of other dogs and I met Molly.  Molly is my age and we trained  together for one year.  It was great fun, although it could be tiring sometimes. My new Dad  and I had to both pass a test over a long weekend.  We searched for people over three days, after which I was a bit exhausted, and my Dad was too (although he wasn’t admitting it) so we were both really pleased when we were told that we had passed the test!

I have been a search dog for three years now and have worked all over Scotland on big multi-day searches as well as short ones. I have searched mountains, beaches, fields and woods looking for all types of people. They all needed help and I was pleased to be able to try my best to help my owner and other searchers to find them.  One particular night, I had to go out into a blizzard up a mountain close to where I live. I searched as high as I could.  It was the middle of the night and my Dad sent me to investigate a high corrie. There I found a man who was sheltering from the storm. He looked a bit surprised to see me but very pleased that I was there!   I barked and barked to tell my Dad  that I had found someone and he rushed across and helped the man, who was feeling very cold,  down from the mountain.

It is really great to be a search dog who is ready at all times to go out with my Dad and help people whenever they need it.

Lots of licks and woofs.

Jess x

Here is a picture of me watching my SARDA  friends on the TV.

Here is a picture of me watching my SARDA dog friends on the TV.

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