The fourth in our series where we meet the S.A.R.D.A Scotland search and rescue dogs. This time it is Midge.


“My name is Midge. I am ten years old and I have been a search and rescue dog for eight years.  I am famous for my distinctive ears, and I also have a TV star lookalike who was runner up in Sport Reliefs Top Dog.  We often get mistaken for each other.  Many people know that I have a huge play drive and they are warned that if they start to play with me, with whatever toy I have found,  they will have to play all day.  I will find anything to use as a toy, even a small piece of heather.   I  can pass the toy to people to save them having to bend down to pick it up,  and I have heard people saying that this is very considerate of me, but I am just clever enough to know that if I do this,then they seem to play for longer!

I am a member (along with my handler Allison) of Police Scotland Grampian Mountain Rescue Team, as well as Braemar Mountain Rescue Team.  We, like all the other dogs,  attend call outs all over Scotland.  Sometimes I find it a bit hard to get up during the night if there is a call out, but as soon as the rucksack is at the door I am ready and waiting to go.

I am short coated which means that I do not become balled up with snow in the winter, but I have to say that searching through prickly bushes isn’t much fun.

I use my ears when I am searching and Allison can often tell that I have found something, as they become even more upright than normal.

I am approaching my later years in a search dog’s life, and because of this we have a new collie pup in the house.  I have been very good and taught him well.  I am sure that you will hear all about his exploits in the future.

In the meantime I am looking forward to another winter on the hills; doing my bit to save people,  or finding articles and digging holes in the snow in practice for any call outs which may come my way.”


Midge relaxing after a busy training day

Midge having a play after a training day.





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