In the second of our series where we profile SARDA Scotland dogs- we meet Flynn.



Flynn is the younger of two German Shepherds in SARDA Scotland.  Flynn is four years old; is always up for fun and loves to play tug with the other dogs, (especially with Coby the other German Shepherd), or she will grab a toy and play with any human who will indulge her.  Our volunteers comment about how gentle Flynn is when she is playing.  She is also very fond of having her belly tickled when she is more relaxed.  Flynn loves women, and her owner suspects that she is mildly disappointed that he is a man.

Flynn began to train as a search dog at just over a year old; this is a bit older than most of the collies in SARDA Scotland, because larger dogs such as German Shepherds need to be given time for their joints to develop properly before they get lots of exercise. Her first qualifying find was a missing person who was located in a spot that would have been out of sight for human searchers, which illustrates how great it is  to be able to use your nose to detect people!


As time has gone by Flynn has become very good at not just finding people, but also articles that they may have dropped, such as hats, gloves and …….well you can see for yourself in the picture!  The owner of that particular article did not seem to be around, or may have been forced into hiding.

So, if you ever do happen to be in the hills and a black shape with pointy ears gallops towards you and starts to bark, don’t worry she is just telling her handler that she has found you.








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