SARDA Scotland Search and Rescue Dog Cranna

The first in a series where we profile our search dogs.  Today we meet Cranna.

IMG_0028 (1)

Cranna showing off her ‘dancing’ skills.

Cranna is a Border Collie of approximately 22 months old.  The reason that we do not know her exact age is because she was found as an abandoned pup;  tied to the  bumper of a car. Luckily, some passers by spotted her before the car drove away, and Cranna was handed in to a local dog kennels.  As luck would have it, the owner of the kennels knew that Cranna’s handler was looking for a dog and gave him a call. Cranna’s life was about to take on a new direction, and she began her training to become a search and rescue dog in June last year.   She was a good learner and passed her assessment to Novice Search Dog in March 2014 gaining the Madras Trophy for best Novice Search Dog. Like all dogs, Cranna has her little quirks,  and is far  from perfect,  as the mud patch full of holes in her owner’s back  garden will testify. She also has a trick of standing up on her back legs to get a better view of things. It has been mentioned she is learning Irish Dancing but you can judge from the picture.  She likes to begin the day early and whines until her owners are wide awake, but like many dogs, Cranna does not seem to know the difference between a weekday and the weekend!  No long lie-ins anymore then, but then think how many adventures you can pack into your day if you get up early!




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