Training Weekend 8th & 9th February Cairngorm

Closed roads in the Cairngorms meant that Saturday’s training venue was relocated. Handlers, dogs and the volunteer ‘bodies'(who give their time to act as ‘casualties’ for the dogs to find in training), all braved the wind, sleet and rain at lower altitudes to train for real searches which occur week in and week out.

The trainee and novice dogs are now focusing on refining their skills for the annual assessment course which will take place next month.

Sunday saw the roads open again and a chance for all to get up to the snowline. The ‘bodies’ were again out in the training search area, but thankfully this time were only being snowed and rained on intermittently.  Meanwhile in another area, dogs were training to find both people and articles buried in the snow to simulate searches in avalanche situations.


ava-2 (1)

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