Training at Kintail 9-10 November 2013

Kintail in November, with tops glistening white with the new season’s snow, set against clear blue skies, is a magical place.

We trained this month below the famous ridge line of the Five Sisters of Kintail, on National Trust for Scotland land.  It was a testing time for the young dogs in training as they are now beginning to search larger areas.  It is difficult for dog and handler to keep focussed to ensure that the ‘find sequence’ on finding the volunteer casualty is right every time.  Patience, hard work, together with lots of encouragement is essential – this is the foundation for all the more advanced work to come.

We welcomed Paul from Kintail Mountain Rescue Team, who came along to see what search dog training is all about.  It is fun, sociable and incredibly rewarding.  So, if you are a member of a mountain rescue team and interested in search dogs, why not come along and meet everyone!






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