Training Weekend 12th and 13th October 2013




This weekend we remembered our long time friend and fellow dog handler, Stuart Ruffell.  Along with members of the Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue Team,  we  joined Stuart’s wife Irene, other family and many friends,  to open a commemorative seating area at the Kings House Hotel in Glencoe.  We hope that many of you enjoy it.  It is such a beautiful spot overlooking Buachaille Etive Mor to sit and pass the time of day… or night!

Speaking of which, Autumn has arrived, the nights are closing in and so training weekends will be a little more chilly for the next few months.   The  dogs in training are starting to learn what it is like to search larger areas. Puppy school is a vital stage in the training process, and it is good to see the pups having fun, socialising and working hard, as well as their handlers.  Mark from Tweed Valley team and new puppy Aonach are at the early stages of their training and are learning a lot about searching and about each other!  More experienced handler Ken from Arrochar Mountain Rescue Team has trained two dogs previously, but each dog is different as Ken is finding out. It is also good to see Alasdair from Kintail with his dog Torrin,  progressing and developing hill searching skills.SONY DSC

The past few weeks have seen qualified dogs in action on a range of searches, from low ground and coastal searches, to high and remote mountain searches. It has been a busy time with hard work and little play for the dogs.  We therefore took time this weekend to give them and their handlers some fun and enjoyable searches so that dogs could find a willing ‘volunteer casualty’ and so receive their reward, which is to play their favourite game with their favourite toy. With winter just around the corner, we wish you and our supporters well. Stay safe out there!






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