Training Weekend 10th – 11th November 2012

Training this month was on Ben Lawers, courtesy of the National Trust for Scotland. We concentrated on the young dogs in training and a really successful weekend.

Torrin, (Retriever cross), Raasay and Archie (both Border Collies) have been focussing on barking for their “toy” or reward. This is a key early stage, as dogs need to tell their handler when they’ve found someone – a good way of doing this is by learning to bark when they “find” and want their reward. It was great to see them really enjoying the game and progressing into short searches. The handlers are getting to know their dogs and the all important bond between them is starting to grow.

For Flynn (German Shepherd) and Gem (Border Collie), who are older and further on in training, they searched open hill ground for our volunteer casualties. It was good to see them ranging and picking up on the scent of the casualties, something that is always amazing to watch! A special thanks to Leanna and Caitlin. This was the first time they had “bodied” for the dogs. We hope you enjoyed it!








In the evening, we had a talk on IKAR Avalanche Commission.  This is an international organisation who promote safety measures to minimise avalanche accidents. Search dogs are a key search tool in avalanches.  Below are photographs of an avalanche which occurred last year, just above where training took place last weekend.


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