30 – 31 October 2010, Kintail

With 3 inches of rain on Friday, we knew training at Kintail would be wet – and it was!  Thunder, hail and rain greeted handlers out on Saturday, although Sunday was drier. Mind you, the dogs didn’t notice the rain!

Each handler and dog had three areas to search up the steep sides of Glen Lichd.

Every 3 years dog teams are put through a re-assessment to confirm their status as fully qualified dog handlers. This is an important check and ensures dogs and handlers are in tip top condition,especially with winter around the corner. Well done to Allison Todd with Midge and Steve Worsley with Sky who passed their re-assessment.

Our thanks to our “bodies” – volunteer casualities – for coping with the weather.

We hope Charlie enjoyed himself. Charlie is a member of Assynt MRT who is interested in search dogs. He came to see what goes on in our training.

Pictured here are “Dog” Tom and one of the “bodies” Mark.

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